Klub Otrycki

Klub Otrycki has been established to take care of Chata Socjologa. It is an association created by lovers and habitues of Chata. Association members have been carrying out academic and self-studying activities as well as activities for environmental and social protection. Klub Otrycki has organized seminars and academic camps for students, discussions with people of art and science. It has carried out active cultural activities. Artistic events (exhibitions, concerts, poetic evenings) have been an important part of life in Chata.


Any payments should be directed to the bank account:

Stowarzyszenie "Klub Otrycki"
Volkswagen Bank Polska S.A.
95 2130 0004 2001 0318 7820 0001

Please address all your mail to the official address of the Association:

Stowarzyszenie "Klub Otrycki"
ul. Domaniewska 35b/89
02-672 Warszawa
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