About Chata Socjologa

"Chata Socjologa" is placed on the ridge of one of the most beautiful and the wildest Bieszczady chains, at a hight of 896 metres above sea level.

On the south side of Chata there is a terrace from which you have a breathtaking view of Połonina Wetlińska and Smerek. Nearby there is an observation point on a clearing from which you can admire the beauty of Połonina Caryńska. After a short walk during which you can enjoy the charm of wild beech forest you reach Trochaniec – the higest peak of Otryt and from the east end of the chain you can see Tarnica and Halicz. In Dwernik village, situated at the foot of the chain, starts a route, following which you will get to Chata in about 45 minutes. Then you can follow the route further downhill to Chmiel village, going past other little hut called “Lektorium” and a wild pre-war orchard. You can also reach Chata in less than 2 hours taking a green route from Lutowiska.

In Chata Socjologa about 50 people can be put up for a night. On a ground floor there is a big fireplace-room (with a really huge fireplace) and a kitchen, on the next floors there are sleeping rooms. Nearby Chata there are two water intakes. Lack of electricity is compensated with candles, and spartan living conditions will let you forget the city noise and be closer to nature. Thanks to this atmosphere you can get to know yourself and other people better. Working together, preparing meals, bringing water and wood helps to make new friends and strengthen the old friendships, it also lets the whole group integrate very fast.

In Chata there is a whole-year possibility to organize camps, different kinds of meetings, plein air paining, etc. Chata is taken care by “Klub Otrycki”, a group of people particularly connected with this place and coming there very often.


We offer:

- evenings at candlelight, fireplace and the guitar,
- base camp for hiking,
- camping site,
- horse riding and a ski-lift available in the neighbourhood
- little physical work for the common good


We provide:

- nice atmosphere and friendly people
- fast integration
- contact with nature
- escape from civilisation
- cheap accomodation for 50 people (from 10 zloty per night)


We offer:

- organizing camps for high school and university students
- ogranizing walking tours
- educational and artistic camps

If you are looking for a solitude for your creative work, inspiration for painting, sculpting or literary writing, if you want to see the real, not commercialized Bieszczady, or if you just want to rest from the city and have a good time – come to “Chata Socjologa” – this is a place for you!



Regulamin Chaty Socjologa


Cyclical events

For many years of its existence Chata Socjologa has created a cycle of annual events. What they have in common is the place, theme and time. There come people from all over Poland, even Europe in order to spend those special “Otryt celebrations” together.

The first event is celebration of 1st May. Since the very morning old and new banners, red flags and biting speeches are being prepared. On that day of working people everyone wears best donkey jackets, red ties and they go for a 1st-May parade round Chata singing the Internationale. If the actions of “Orange Alternative” brought an ironic smile on your lips, you will have fun on Otryt on 1st May.

The most important celebration is the annual Ram Roasting on the last Saturday in September. For a couple of days before that Saturday everything is subordinated to preparations for the “ceremony”. Wood is being brought from forests, food is being gathered, and chosen people are working on seasoning the ram. On that day around the noon a bonfire is lit, at which you can hear many stories about Chata and the Bieszczady, Otryt legends and local tales. In the evening everyone, waiting for the meat to be ready, is sitting round the fire, singing local traditional songs. That celebration usually lasts till the morning.

New Year Eve is a real revelry on Otryt. Despite harsh, spartan winter conditions, severe frost and blizzards outside, Chata is always full of people, you need to book two months in advance. Only here you can see women wearing long evening dresses and men wearing ironed suits eating fancy food with aluminium cutlery from metal bowls. For the whole night everyone is dancing to the accompaniment of the guitar and common loud singing and when the midnight strikes champagne is streaming down and the dark sky is lit up with colourful fireworks.

You have to remember that members of Association “Klub Otrycki” have a priority for accommodation in Chata. For events described above they come from all over Poland. Lack of places on those days in the presence of a large number of guests is usually followed by a refusal of sleeping even on the floor. To avoid such unpleasant situations and to enjoy real contact with nature at the same time, we advise you to organize your trip in some other term. If you wish, we can help you organize ram roasting or any other event, the idea of which comes to your mind.

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